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  • Who runs this newsletter?

    Me, Akash Goswami! I’m a London-based fintech nerd, financial minimalist and technology advocate, currently working at UK bank Monzo. I’ve learned a lot about finance during my time in retail banking, as well as in my personal life. Now, I’m sharing it with the world.

  • I cover personal finance concepts that most people don’t really understand. There's a lot of information online about the best credit cards or bank accounts, but my newsletter explains more general finance ideas.

  • No catch—just a free newsletter every month. In the future, I may look to offset costs through affiliate links or sponsorship.

  • Let’s talk! I prefer to be contacted by owl, but if you're a muggle then you can email me: info at akashandmoney dot com.

  • This information isn’t financial advice. All information, opinions and suggestions are for educational and entertainment purposes. I try to provide accurate information, but it's possible for errors and inaccuracies to occur. You should always do your own research. If you need financial advice, please consider speaking to a professional financial advisor.

  • No. While I currently work at Monzo, the content produced by is from Akash Goswami, the independent human being.